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Patient Information

If you live in and around the Taunton and Yeovil area of Somerset there are probably a number of reasons why you will be coming to the laboratory, but the two main ones are:-

MarcelaCrop.bmp1. Denture Repair
Your denture may need a repair to a fracture, replace a missing tooth or teeth or perhaps your chrome framework has broken and needs to be welded back together. We offer two services for these:

  • A one hour express service with prices starting from £40
  • Or you may wish to bring your denture into the laboratory in the morning and collect it after lunch, with prices starting from £30
  • Rest assured, one of our friendly technicians will fully inform you of the expected repair price before any repairs are undertaken.

2. Colour match or shading.
Your Dental Surgeon has requested that you come to the Labotatory for a colour match, for a new crown, bridge or veneers. You will be met by one of our highly trained technicians who will take you through to our shade taking area in the laboratory. The technician will endeavour to colour match your existing teeth, photograph your teeth and discuss your shading solution with you using a computer screen, accompanied with some drawings (this is a blueprint for the ceramist, to enable them to construct a restoration that is bespoke to you, so that it blends in perfectly with your natural teeth)
You can be assured that it is 100% pain free.

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